Free Seminar: Simulation for Business - Latest Developments

Date and time: February 24, 2020, 10:00 am — 16:00 pm

City: Brisbane, Australia

Organizer: Heisenberg Analytics, The AnyLogic Company

Venue: The Pod, Capri by Fraser, 80 Albert St, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia (see on map)

Price: FREE

Language: English


Pavel Lebedev

Pavel Lebedev, Head of Customer Support at The AnyLogic Company

Pavel has been working in the domain of simulation for over twelve years. As the Head of Customer Support at The AnyLogic Company, Pavel has been consulting AnyLogic and anyLogistix users across the globe. He has also delivered dozens of training sessions on simulation in Europe, America, and Asia.

Dr. Anna Foeglein

Dr. Anna Foeglein, Senior Simulation Specialist, Heisenberg Analytics

Anna is a senior simulation consultant with over eight years of industry practice. She uses her analytical and problem solving skills, together with broad programming and technology experience, to build effective models, visualise data, and derive actionable insights for clients. Anna’s background is in pure mathematics, as a researcher in the area of Partial Differential Equations.

Neil Shackel

Neil Shackel, Analyst at Acquire Procurement Services

Neil is a supply chain professional with 10 years of international experience across Utilities and the Oil & Gas industries. His specialist skill set extends to warehousing, logistics & supply chain management, business intelligence and data analytics, business systems, business analysis, production planning and optimisation, and project management.

Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen

Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen, Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Services Research (University of Queensland)

Kim conducts applied economic research into the social and economic values of health and social care, and draws policies that improve quality and operational efficiency of services, as well as achieve more equal access to them especially for disadvantaged groups. Her technical expertise ranges from benefit cost analysis, economic evaluation using Markov modelling, to applied econometrics using longitudinal data, and simulation modelling in health. Before coming to UQ, Kim supported research and evaluation of interventions for dementia dyads with the NHMRC’s Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) at the University of Sydney. She previously worked as an economic consultant for development projects funded by the World Bank, ADB, and UNDP in Vietnam.

Seminar also includes:

★ New Features of AnyLogic 8.5 and Roadmap

We will show how new AnyLogic features are meeting industry demands in simulation modeling. We will also reveal what is on the development road map as new technologies are enabling new possibilities.

★ AnyLogic — the Simulation Platform to Train and Test Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications

As today AI developers are working on increasingly wide range of business applications, they need a powerful and realistic virtual environment to train and test AI, which naturally creates a new type of demand for simulation models as well as new requirements. We will go through major use cases and architectures of how AnyLogic simulation models integrate with machine learning environments.

★ AnyLogic Cloud — a Scalable Runtime Environment for Simulation Models Used Operationally

One of the major trends in simulation modeling today is the movement of simulation model execution to the cloud. We will showcase AnyLogic Cloud — the most advanced cloud solution for simulation available — and highlight typical use cases. Furthermore, we will demonstrate the AnyLogic Cloud open API and introduce AnyLogic Private Cloud — the fully functional product for organizations with strict security requirements.

★ Supply Chain Modeling with anyLogistix

anyLogistix by The AnyLogic Company is an analytics software for designing, optimizing and analyzing your company's supply chain. At the seminar, we will go through techniques for modeling supply chain networks and optimizing their performance. We will also demo case studies for digital supply chain design and analysis.