Webinar: Intro to Planning & Optimizing AGVs and Conveyors with Case Study

Simulation experts at UK based DSE Consulting (SimulAi) provide a gentle introduction to the AnyLogic Material Handling Library. Learn each of the library components through their MHL Pocket Handbook and then see how material handling simulation is being used in industry with a case study of Growpura. The webinar concludes with a Q&A panel session.

Webinar Agenda:
  • Foreword
  • Webinar introduction
  • Introduction to the Material Handling Library
  • Application of MHL in GrowPura industrial case study
  • Question and answer session
Accompanying online AnyLogic MHL Interactive Tutorial →

MHL how-to blogs:
Learn how material handling simulation can help resolve complex challenges in your industry and increase efficiency in our whitepaper. For material handling how-to videos, interactive models, tutorials, and more, get our AnyLogic MHL email pack.

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