Webinar: How to Build a True Digital Twin with Self-Configuring Models

Simulation specialist Dr. Benjamin Schumann dives deep into AnyLogic and the Material Handling Library. Learn to create a model where all components are created directly from simple input data. On startup, the model loads all elements (conveyors, transporters, machines…) from the provided data, connects all the elements and lets products be manufactured. This is achieved with little coding, and using standard AnyLogic capabilities such as agent populations and flow-chart blocks.

Webinar Agenda:
  • Context and introduction (Jeff Bezos calls)
  • About Benjamin Schumann
  • Jeff calls again (Why use self-configuring models)
  • Webinar task overview and Skill Warning
  • Chapter 1 — A simple example of self-configuring model creation
  • Chapter 2 — More advanced creation of conveyors
  • Chapter 3 — Auto creation of AGV transportation fleet
  • Next steps
Accompanying downloadable model: Self-configuring material-handling library Webinar model.

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