AnyLogic Conference 2015

November 4-5
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Conference presentations

Video Presentation Industry Organizaton pdf
Performance Modeling of Interacting Human-Machine Distributed Processes (Nadya Belov) Millitary & Defense LockheedMartin.png
Using Data Science and Simulation to Create Business Value (Bipin Chadha) Insurance/Finance USAA
Dimensioning of Bike Sharing Systems (Karla Gamez) Pedestrian Flow Tecnológico_de_Monterrey.png
Maximizing The Long Term Net Voyage Revenue Of Your Fleet (David Barbieri Kennedy) Logistics IteConsult.png
Transportation Processes of Autonomous Distributed AGV Systems (Dr. Iwamura) Manufacturing OPU.png
Outpatient Appointment Scheduling (Mark Lawly & Michelle Alvarado) Healthcare texas-a-m_university.png
Mine Outbound Logistics Planning for a Large Mineral Resources Company (Dr. Alan Barnard & Dr. Andrey Malykhanov) Supply Chain Design Goldratt.png
Creating a Personalized Experience at Athens’ Benaki Museum Contemporary Art Exhibit (Luigi Manca) Pedestrian Flows FairDynamics.png
Disaster Management Aid Simulation (Ali Asgary) Logistics, Safety Logo_York_University.png
Beyond Market Mix Models – Enhancing Market Analytics Through ABM: A Pharmaceutical Case Study (Scott Hebert, Vice President) Healthcare sterling.png
Optimizing an Apparel Company’s Supply Chain by Combining Agent-Based Modeling with Geographic Information Systems (Elizabeth Tyrie) Supply Chain fruit-of-the-loom.png
Modeling and Optimization of Wells Scheduling for In Situ Oil Sands Production (Alvaro Gil) Oil & Gas StreamSystems2.png
Modeling Intelligent Energy Systems for Cities and Regions (Enrique Kremers, PhD) Energy Systems eifer.jpg

Conference overview


AnyLogic Road Map and New Product Development

Andrei Borshchev, CEO of The AnyLogic Company, Nikolay Churkov, Head of Development at The AnyLogic Company

Take a journey through the latest version of AnyLogic with two of the masterminds behind AnyLogic as your guides. The presentors will introduce new AnyLogic features and showcase latest libraries, including Fluid library, Pedestrian library, and Road traffic library.

Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development at The AnyLogic Company

Timofey presented anyLogistix, multimethod software for supply chain optimization, network design, and analysis. anyLogistix combines traditional analytical optimization approaches and simulation technologies to describe your supply chain with a greater level of detail.

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