State-of-the-art general-purpose simulation ecosystem for applied AI

AnyLogic is the market and technology leader in the realm of general-purpose simulation. As a result, AnyLogic models can help AI practitioners in many different practical applications, including:

Why use AnyLogic with AI?

  • Open API and programming capability – Support for across-the-board object-oriented development with open API alongside visual modeling capabilities.
  • AnyLogic Cloud – A proprietary software for server-based model execution. RESTful APIs in JavaScript, Python, and Java allow for abstracting away from directly interfacing with the model.
  • Agent-based modeling – AnyLogic’s unique agent-based technologies naturally position it as a powerful model building platform for training environments used in multi-agent reinforcement learning schemes.
  • State-of-the-art simulation technologies – AnyLogic is the only platform that supports all simulation methods (Discrete Event, Agent-Based, System Dynamics) and any combination of them, in addition to specialized modeling libraries for material handling, process modeling, fluid, rail, pedestrian, and road traffic.
  • Ease-of-use – AnyLogic allows the use of visual modeling languages, scripting, and external libraries. Native support for flowcharts, state-charts, action charts, and stock and flow diagrams allow for development with ease, while native support for scripting provides extensibility.
  • Proven application in a variety of industries – AnyLogic is the de-facto simulation platform for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. The familiarity of these businesses with AnyLogic is advantageous to AI practitioners who want to use the platform as part of AI solutions for these companies.

AI Simulation Integration

Enhancing the Predictive Capabilities of Simulation with Automatic Machine Learning

AnyLogic is proud to partner with, the leading automatic machine learning platform. Now, you can use the distinct predictive capabilities of simulation and machine learning together.

To get started with incorporating machine learning (ML) models trained with Driverless AI, we have two documented proof-of-concepts models for download. Embedding ML models into simulations enables new areas of application: data scientists can test solutions in a risk-free space and simulation modelers can access more data-driven inputs. Read on, learn more, and try it for yourself!

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Access to ML model using the Pypeline library

Use the the Pypeline library for local access to a trained machine learning model based on Python.

If a deployed trained ML model is accessible by a Python library, then Pypeline – a custom AnyLogic library – can be used to query it. Pypeline allows you to execute Python scripts with arguments or interactively run Python code from within your AnyLogic models, using a local installation of Python.

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Access to ML model using the ONNX Helper library

Use the ONNX Helper library to easily access a trained machine learning (ML) model saved in the “.onnx” file format. ONNX, short for Open Neural Network Exchange, is a standardized, framework interoperable format for trained ML models.

While a standard Java library exists, it requires relatively advanced technical knowledge to use. The ONNX Helper is a free downloadable add-on library for any edition of AnyLogic (Personal Learning Edition, University, or Professional). Through a single object and a single function, it provides a simple and easy way to query ML models.

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Simulation and AI case studies

Video: Anylogic for AI industry

Andrei Borshchev, CEO, The AnyLogic Company, at the 2019 AnyLogic Conference, summarizing the use of simulation in machine learning for business. Highlighting the risk-free and ease-of-use for training that AnyLogic provides.

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